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The Gentry Residence’s communal response

No less than three levels have been designated for retail, restaurant and general commercial use. As mentioned earlier, this phase of the developer’s project (at the time of writing) is expected to be completed by the year 2022. But there is more. A strict selection process has been embarked upon to install the most suitable caliber of retailers and service providers for the mainly Gentry residents and complex visitors.

In fulfilling Alveo’s commitment towards community orientation, over and above the meeting of high standards of affluence and aesthetics, the residents’ facilities in certain circumstances has been brought down to the commercial use levels. This will be touched on in the next section to do with amenities for resident clients.


It can be said that the location of residents’ amenities is strategic. Within the confines of their own living spaces, they will always have room for privacy, but the human desire, no matter how sophisticated it is in its development, is to always seek to interact with others. Located in the heart of the Makati central business district, The Gentry Residences afford its clients every opportunity to do just that. But closer to home, as it were, the community spirit prevails.

Coincidentally, having already mentioned Alveo’s association with the Latin phraseology of ‘wellness’, the property development is an offshoot of Community Innovations, also known by its acronym of CII. The community spirit is clearly an inspiration as well. The Gentry Residences’ amenities are, in essence, community-oriented.

In a congested and primarily commercial area, swimming and recreational space needs to be shared. Family values are well preserved by making provision for residents’ children as well. When swimming or exercise at the communal gym is completed, shower facilities are shared. This, of course, remains the choice of the resident, given that he or she still has the convenience of his or her own private enclave above.

The swimming arena – The pool is twenty meters long and provides swimmers with the convenience of swimming in Olympic standard laps.

Fully functional gym – The gym has been strategically located at the level where the retail complex is to be operational.

For business and pleasure – A function hall has been provided for the use of residents and their guests or delegates. This space can be used for social occasions such as weddings and anniversary commemorations, as well as for business conventions, all with the added convenience that provisions for such events can be selectively made from with the retail complex or beyond. The room also stretches to the outdoors.

And the children – While the adults can swim in their pool, the small children have their own shallow pool to frolic in. Children also have an outdoor playing facility to use.

At this juncture and in the spirit of community and wellness, it is well worth returning to The Gentry Residences’ prime and central location. Forget for a moment the commercial and modernist themes that permeate Makati’s central business districts and ponder for a moment on the landmark Ayala Triangle Gardens. It is lined with trees. It is also lined with important sculptures which reflect the area’s heritage and the country’s history.

There is also the Ayala Museum for residents and tourists to visit. It holds the Filipinas Heritage library and craft collections, all allowing for reflections on the Philippine’s long history.

At The Gentry Residences, life is made complete and convenient. Featuring the basic amenities along with extra features and measures, the developmnet ensures that you make the most of your stay, living securely in comfort and ease. Here, even the littlest of details matter.

  • Two (2) ventilation notches for residential corridors
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Low flow valves
  • LED lighting in common areas
  • Maximized natural lighting
  • Maximized cross ventilation
  • Lap pool
  • Kiddie pool
  • Function room
  • Outdoor kid's play area
  • Gym (to be located in retail area)
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